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This document is an in-depth guide to the Privacy Policy of Loyaltymaster, a company offering customer loyalty programmes and an interactive website. The policy pertains to the acquisition, utilisation, and disclosure of user information. All users must comprehend this policy thoroughly before availing of Loyaltymaster’s services.

1. Policy Updates and Notifications

Loyaltymaster holds the role of a data controller for the personal information of its European Union users. The company may revise the Privacy Policy occasionally, and any modifications are communicated to users by updating the date at the policy’s commencement and possibly providing additional notifications.

2. Information Collection

2.1. User-Provided Information

Loyaltymaster collects and processes user information offered through the service, including account registration, purchase orders, and customer support communication. The information may encompass names, email addresses, company names, postal addresses, and phone numbers. However, the credit card information is collected and processed by third-party payment processors, namely Paypal and Payfast, following their individual privacy policies.

2.2. Automatic Information Collection

Loyaltymaster automatically records information regarding users’ utilisation of the services. The stored data in log files includes the browser type, access times, pages viewed, IP address, and the previous page visited. Additionally, the company uses cookies and web beacons to accumulate information. Users are offered the choice to accept or reject this during their initial site visit.

2.3. Information from Other Sources

Loyaltymaster may acquire information from external sources such as Google Apps and Facebook profiles for advertising and user authentication. This data is then merged with the information collected through their services.

3. Usage, Sharing, and Processing of Information

3.1. Utilisation of Collected Information

The assembled information is employed for various purposes, including enabling access to services, enhancing and maintaining services, processing transactions, sending updates and alerts, answering queries, creating user accounts, transmitting promotional materials, analysing usage trends, detecting fraud, and personalising the user experience. The data also comes into play for employment considerations and other objectives described during the information collection process.

3.2. Information Sharing

The collected personal information may be shared with approved vendors, consultants, and service providers, who require it for work on Loyaltymaster’s behalf. Information may also be shared under legal requirements, during company mergers or acquisitions, with affiliates of Loyaltymaster, and with analytics and search engine providers. The user’s consent is necessitated for information sharing.

3.3. Lawful Basis for Information Processing

The policy recognises the lawful basis for personal data processing, such as obtaining prior consent, compliance with legal obligations, and pursuing legitimate interests like promoting business and ensuring website security.

4. Additional Policy Components

The policy includes external links, log-in features, advertising services, and customer information collection. Users are offered the choice to opt out of marketing communications.

5. Security Measures, Data Retention, and International Data Transfer

Loyaltymaster emphasises the security measures it employs, the duration of data retention, and protocols for international data transfer in its policy.

6. Rights and Choices of Users

European Union users are entitled to specific rights concerning their personal data processed by Loyaltymaster. These rights include requesting access, rectification, erasure, and withdrawal of consent. Options regarding account information, cookie settings, and promotional communications are also provided to users.
For account-related requests, users can reach out to [email protected].


The Privacy Policy of Loyaltymaster is designed to maintain the utmost transparency and fairness in handling user data. It emphasises user consent, security, and rights, laying down a clear pathway for information management. As users, understanding and adhering to this policy ensure an enjoyable and secure experience with Loyaltymaster’s services.

The version is current as to the date edited below.
Last Edited: 22/05/2023

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