Loyaltymaster’s New Rewards App

No more asking your customers to present their Smartphones for Rewards and Redemption.

You can now search for your customers by their Name, Surname, Phone number, or Digital loyalty card serial number!
Let’s dive into how this feature sets a new customer data management standard.

Introduction to Loyaltymaster’s Latest Feature Update

In an ever-evolving digital world, keeping up with customer management tools is essential for businesses of all sizes. Loyaltymaster has once again propelled its rewards scanner application to the forefront of innovation by introducing a highly requested feature: searching customers by personal details. Until now, managers have had to scan their customer’s digital loyalty cards for transactions and rewards. This update, however, opens a new realm of convenience by allowing searches through names, phone numbers, or card serial numbers. This makes it now extremely easy and fast to reward your customers.

How the New Customer Search Feature Works

Managers can now easily navigate to the search function within the Loyaltymaster app, where they’re greeted with options to input a customer’s name, last name, phone number, or card serial number. The process is straightforward—type in the details you know, and the app quickly locates the customer’s profile. This feature is not just about finding a customer; it’s about accessing their entire interaction history with your business, from transactions to stamps added, all in one place.
It can also be used to see if a customer qualifies for any rewards and their points levels.

Benefits of the Enhanced Customer Search Capability

The ability to search for customers using personal details brings many advantages. First and foremost, it significantly reduces the time spent managing customer interactions. Whether it’s adding stamps, tracking purchases, giving rewards or viewing transaction history, everything you need is now at your fingertips.
This feature also means improved customer service; being able to quickly pull up customer details allows businesses to offer a more personalized experience.
Furthermore, it enhances data management capabilities, making it easier for companies to track customer trends and preferences.

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