How to use Apple Business Connect for your businesses

In this digital age, businesses constantly seek innovative tools to streamline operations, enhance productivity, and improve customer engagement. Apple, a global leader in technology, has introduced a tool that perfectly fits this bill – Apple Business Connect.
This quick guide will walk you through the features of Apple Business Connect and how to leverage it for your business.
We’ll also briefly discuss how Loyaltymaster’s no-code digital customer loyalty cards align with this innovative tool from Apple to provide a holistic approach to enhancing your business operations.
Let’s dive in!

Understanding Apple Business Connect

Apple Business Connect is a free tool that allows your businesses to customize your location place cards with attractive images, key information, and special promotions.

In short, this is a very easy way for your business to get an extremely professional type of a webpage which is visible to more than a billion Apple users across Apple Maps, Messages, Wallet, Siri, and other apps.

A group of iphones showing different locations on the screen.
A group of iphones showing different locations on the screen.

How to Use Apple Business Connect: A Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Register for Business Connect

Business owners can use their existing Apple ID — or create a new Apple ID — to register for Business Connect at the self-service website from any desktop or laptop computer. Once a business has logged in and Apple has verified their business, they can claim their location(s) and begin updating and personalizing their place card, all for free.

Step 2: Customize Your Place Card

With Business Connect, businesses can directly manage their information in the interactive Apple Maps place card. This includes adding and updating photos and logos, inviting customers to take actions like ordering food or making a reservation directly from Maps, and presenting customers with special promotions.

Step 3: Utilize the Showcase Feature

Showcases, a new feature in the place card, helps businesses present customers with offers and incentives, like seasonal menu items, product discounts, and more. Businesses can easily update the Showcase section of their place card through Business Connect.

Step 4: Highlight Actions for Customers

Businesses can provide customers with useful information by highlighting actions they can take directly from the Maps place cards, like ordering online, making a hotel reservation through a place like Booking.com, reserving a spot for dinner with OpenTable, and more, with just a tap.

Step 5: Understand Your Impact

Apple Business Connect also gives your business insights into how customers find and interact with their place cards, showcases, and actions. This data can be used by you to optimize your card and adjust it for a bigger impact.

The Power of Apple Business Connect

Apple Business Connect is a powerful tool that offers many benefits for businesses.
Businesses can provide customers with useful information by highlighting actions they can take directly from the Maps place card, like ordering online, making a hotel reservation, reserving a spot with your business and more, with just a tap.

In addition to its impressive features, Apple Business Connect ensures that sensitive business information remains secure. Because it is an Apple solution, you can trust that the latest and best data protection and encryption will be in place to keep your data safe.

A brief mention of Loyaltymaster

While discussing innovative business tools, it’s worth mentioning Loyaltymaster’s product – a no-code SaaS cloud-based solution designed for the quick, cost-effective creation of digital customer loyalty cards which resides inside Apple Pay.
This tool not only aligns perfectly with the capabilities of Apple Business Connect but also leverages Apple Pay to seamlessly integrate its digital loyalty cards into your iPhone Wallet, providing a seamless and convenient experience for your customers.
This is a very cost-effective way to create a customer loyalty solution for your business in a matter of minutes rather than days or months.
You can start a trial anytime by clicking here.


Apple Business Connect is a game-changer for your business, offering a range of features designed to streamline operations, improve communication, and enhance productivity.
With Apple Business Connect, your businesses can drive sales to new heights.
For more information and to get started with Apple Business Connect, visit this link.

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